Monday, 8 June 2009

Euro Results

I went to Medway’s Euro Count last night and was delighted to see the Conservatives win locally with a clear 10,000 or so votes ahead of Labour, who were pushed into third behind UKIP. The result in Medway was repeated across Kent and the South East with Labour coming fifth overall. What amused me most last night was that every party had representatives at the count proudly wearing rosettes or stickers highlighting their affiliation…except the small gathering of Labour activists who decided not to advertise their allegiances. Anyone would think they were embarrassed – and perhaps after the last week of results as well they should be!

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Chris Irvine said…

Hi Tracy, good seeing you last night. Shame none of our local Labour MPs deemed to show their faces either. Perhaps they were too busy counting their money and planning their exit strategy for after the next general election as I would imagine jobs will be thin on the ground by the time the British people get a chance to boot them out of office.