Saturday, 16 January 2010

Door knocking in the rain

Having cancelled canvassing last weekend because of the snow and ice, I was determined to go out today whatever the weather and a good job too because it was absolutely pouring down! Although one canvass team did concede to the elements the other two teams braved the rain and went out across Chatham Central and Lordswood prepared with umbrellas, hats and waterproofs. I was pleased we did – the response on the doorstop was positive towards the Conservative Party and very angry with the Government. Whilst it was not a day for standing for a long time on the doorstep letting the cold air in, it was interesting to talk about the issues people are unhappy about and I have lots to follow up on now I am back in the warm and dry!

1 comment:

Anonymous said…

omg where did you get that hat? I fear you may frighten off wavering voters!