Thursday, 29 October 2009

The disrespect of the anti-war protesters

I am absolutely disgusted by the story on the Medway Messenger website regarding outrageous defacing of the Poppy Appeal posters by anti-war protesters. The Poppy Appeal not only raises much needed funding to support current servicemen, women and their families but it reminds us of the heroism of those who fought and died during two World Wars to defend the very freedom that allows people to protest in this country!

There is a time and a place for a protest but the defacement of a charity poster to make a political point is not it and I find I am sickened by the disrespectful and thoughtlessness of this act.

I hope they are caught and that the guilty party/parties are made to stand alongside veterans on Chatham, Gillingham and Rochester High Streets and made to collect for the Poppy Appeal from now until Remembrance Day.


Quiet_Man said…

Yes, demands that politicians should pay the price for their hubris would make uncomfortable reading for would be politicians.

I wear a poppy with pride and sorrow for those who died to protect the freedoms in this country that I cherish. Freedoms that have been legislated away by politicians whilst our troops fight in foreign wars with shoddy equipment.
It's fine to be outraged by the defacement of the poster, but don't forget the anger that is building because of the actions of the people in charge, who send our young men and women to die without facing judgement over their actions.
Sometimes you have to be shocking to make your point, but at least no-one died defacing a poster, which is far more than the politicians in Westminster can claim over their decisions over our troops.

Barry said…

I'm unsurprised that most of the mainstream media and politicians have claimed outrage about these modified posters. After all, the media all towed the war mongering politicians line when it came to justifying invading Afghanistan and Iraq in the first place. So sure, play the patriot card yet again but those of us in the real world know that the public, and even the troops themselves, are fed up with these pointless wars and fed up with the politicians who keep finding excuses to send our boys to die there.

Anonymous said…

It's gratifying to read the above comments. Whoever did this was no vandal,and it just may be that he cares a lot more for the lives of our current soldiers than you. Until Tony Blair is properly held to account I believe his actions are something we should never forget either. What I'd like to see is Tony Blair handing out poppies, not this protester.