Saturday, 14 November 2009

Dinner with the Chairman

Tonight, Chatham & Aylesford Conservatives had its annual dinner at the Larkfield Priory Hotel and we were honoured to have the Conservative Party Chairman Eric Pickles as our guest speaker. Eric gave a thought provoking and inspiring speech about what we need to do to win the next General Election – returning a Conservative MP for Chatham & Aylesford is an essential step on that road to victory.

It was a wonderful evening – the food was delicious, the company excellent and we raised vital funds for the campaign ahead.

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John M Ward said…

I'm pleased it went well, as I hoped it would. You'll see on my own 'blog how I often refer to "cuddly Eric", and I think we all hold him in high regard.

I'd have been at the dinner myself if it hadn't been for this wretched home-moving in which I am currently embroiled, and that not being helped by a legal profession that insists on doing everything on paper even during a period of postal strikes…