Thursday, 18 October 2007

David Davis comes to Chatham & Aylesford

Following a meeting with Kent County Councillors, the Shadow Home Secretary David Davis joined local Conservatives for our annual dinner at Wealden Hall in Larkfield. Over 70 people enjoyed a wonderful dinner followed by an excellent speech by David focusing on some key issues for us. It is quite clear from our own survey responses that crime, drugs and immigration are top concerns for local people and David outlined Labour’s failures and Conservative policy on these three issues specifically. It was good to have such a senior and well respected member of the Conservative Party join us for the evening and look forward to welcoming him back in the near future.

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Cllr John Ward said…

This was a great event, and interesting to learn that the Shadow Home Secretary in effect worked for you, rather than (as might have been thought) the other way around(!)

What isn’t generally well known is that I worked in the Home Office for several years, as did my father, including in the Immigration Dept. Indeed, we were both there at the same time for a period.

What David Davis said about various issues rang very true with me, based on my real-life experiences of these topics. It was so very refreshing to have someone political actually understand the subject matter, and I was able to relate to just about everything he said.

Been there, done that, as the saying goes — but we didn’t have suitably printed t-shirts so I admit I don’t have one (though I do of course have a “Team Crouch” shirt, and am very proud of it!)

A very, very good event, this was!

I hope that all reading this, now knowing the folly of the Labour government’s hopelessly inadequate and inept handling of law-and-order subjects after all these years, will now agree that the only sensible way that this great nation of ours can go forward is to adopt the Conservative policies espoused by David Davis.

All this “politically correct” nonsense that hides behind peculiar interpretations of what constitutes “human rights” (i.e. favouring and thus encouraging the villains) must go! Scrap the silliness and go back to sensible policies that come from the right direction in the first place.

I am very well aware that you, Tracey, would be a strong part of such an approach to this country’s future. I wish you the very best in the next General Election — whenever the chickened-out “clucking fist” has the courage to call that election!