Community Defibrillators

Tracey has embarked on a campaign to get defibrillators into the local community. Sudden Cardiac Arrest happens to people of all ages and survival rates across the UK vary from 2-12%. A Sudden Cardiac Arrest victim’s chance of survival increases significantly from around 5% to 75% if they receive good CPR combined with therapy delivered by a Heart Defibrillator within the first 3 minutes after a Cardiac Arrest.

On top of this, regrettably there are 12 children under the age of 18 that die in the UK each week from Cardiac Arrest and many more young adults. This is why Tracey is delighted with the recent deal to provide life-saving defibrillators to schools. The Department for Education has announced a plan to allow schools to purchase defibrillators at a lower cost.

For every minute that passes without defibrillation a Sudden Cardiac Arrest victim’s chances of survival decrease by between 10% & 12%. A simple calculation shows that the victim’s likely maximum chance of survival in reality is between 8 & 10 minutes after the Cardiac Arrest occurring. With the current Ambulance target response time of 8 minutes, time is of the absolute essence and acting quickly with appropriate therapy, essential.

So far, Tracey has secured funding for defibrillators for all the secondary schools in her constituency who wanted one, this includes two sports colleges where additional community use of facilities is increased. Chatham Grammar School for Boys, Aylesford Sports College, Greenacre and Walderslade as well as Holmesdale Technology College. This could not have been made possible without support from local councillors, the school children, Asda Chatham and The Gallagher Group as well as support from Community First.

It’s coverage can be found at the following links;–390.html

Tracey has also secured funding for a local Rugby Club to have a defib fitted in Aylesford. This autumn Tracey is working with both Chatham and Aylesford Football Clubs to unveil community defibrillators at both grounds, with financial support kindly donated by Southeast Water’s community chest funds and local councillors.

In reference to her role as Minister for Sport Tracey said “I will continue to promote the outstanding benefits of access to this life saving equipment at sporting facilities more widely too.”

Tracey is now working with local councillors on the adopt a phone box scheme to get defibrillators housed in our villages. With defibs secured and in place in the small residential villages of Ditton in Aylesford and soon to be in place in Walderslade in Chatham. For more information about this project please see or contact Tracey’s office on 0207 2192828 to see how you can get involved. 

A member of Tracey’s team, Georgina, ran the 2014 London Marathon and chose to donate all of the funds raised to this campaign. As a result of her fundraising we have managed to secure defibrillators and outside boxes so they are accessible to the public 24 hours a day in Burham, with the kind support of local councillors to fund their box, and in Snodland town centre at the Town Hall and Council Offices. Tracey and Georgina are currently working to secure a home location for the third community Defib they have secured, which will hopefully be installed very soon. Thank you Georgina!

This includes a very kindly donated defibrillator from Cardiac Science to support Georgina’s efforts. Thank you Cardiac Science!!

This truly is a community driven campaign which would not have got off the ground without the support of schools, local councillors, local business, local supermarkets, cardiac science and South East Coast Ambulance Service. Tracey hopes that we can continue to work together to improve the outcomes for so many in our community.

Tracey has had numerous people from across the whole of Kent contact her, asking how they can spread the campaign to their local communities. If anyone would like more information on how you can help please do not hesitate to contact Tracey’s office.