Saturday, 29 September 2007

The Capstone Referendum

Today we set about delivering ballot papers to 22,000 households across Chatham inviting them to participate in a consultative referendum on Capstone Valley. We managed to get almost all the ballot papers out and having walked up more steps and climbed more hills than ever before I am this evening exhausted! The referendum got some good coverage on the radio and in the local newspaper and the feedback is extremely positive. I hope as many people as possible return the ballot papers and as a result of direct democratic action give the Chatham a voice on this issue.


Anonymous said…

I only heard last week about the plans for capstone valley and recevied your ballot today. I am strongly against the plans and appreciate everything that you are doing to stop them. That could be potentially 20,000 people to this area and are they planning to widen the roads to accommodate the influx of cars! I doubt that as once they have recieved their nice fat cheques then they wont give a toss. If their is anything we can do to help just lest us know!! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said…

I have made the transition from NIMBY to YIMBY… Yes In My Back Yard, else how do we build enough homes for our children and their children. We can’t address the housing shortfall and difficulty to join the housing ladder without building more homes. As much as we love our countryside, I have to say vote pragmatically Yes to Capstone!