Saturday, 18 July 2009

Canvassing in Luton

We’ve had in the schedule for some time today’s canvass session in Luton so it was rather coincidental that earlier this week it was announced that one of Luton’s Labour councillor’s has resigned his seat, forcing a by-election. I have heard rumours as to why Cllr McFarlane has stepped down, and if true then rightly so, but it was interesting to hear what the general public were thinking of Labour in one of their safest wards!

It was a good session although I was desperately sad to knock on the door of a much needed maths teacher who said he was leaving the UK to live in South Africa – it seems he has just had enough and it was easier for him to go there than his lawyer girlfriend coming here! Immigration was mentioned to me more than once on the doorstep this morning and it is quite clear that the longer the issue is ignored by Government, the stronger the anger gets.

We went to the Robin Hood for lunch where a wedding party turned up half way through lunch in a fabulous old car. We slipped away quickly and quietly, not wanting to get in the way of the bride and groom’s special day.

Having been at a 40th birthday party last night, I am off to a 30th birthday party this evening. After an extremely busy week at work, I’m exhausted and would love to spend the night in with my feet up but I am going to pop by to give her my best wishes. However, my other half has made his excuses and plans to watch the golf/cricket instead!

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