Saturday, 17 April 2010

Canvassing in Chatham

We had another excellent team of 20 out today and went canvassing in Chatham this morning and Luton this afternoon. I didn’t meet a single Liberal Democrat all day and only one person who had watched the debate on Thursday. I was amused to see my opponent in the same street as my team of four this morning; I hope people were saying to him the same things they were saying to me about the need for change!

It was a good day overall. The sun was shining, team morale is high and the response on the doorstep was positive. And to top it all I met some interesting people on my rounds today – one of whom called me “beautiful” which is always nice!

We have a day off from canvassing tomorrow. Instead I shall enjoy my girls last home match of the season before dealing with emails and letters. Tonight however I intend to put my aching feet up and watch the return of Britain’s Got Talent!

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