Climbing Cotopaxi



Tracey is delighted to have been invited to take part in an expedition to climb Cotopaxi, a live volcano in Ecuador to support the work of the The Battle Back Centre Lilleshall, established by the Royal British Legion.

The Battle Back Centre provides sports and adventurous activities for wounded, injured and sick Service men and women from all three Services. Their activities promote self-confidence and improve motivation to aid recovery.

Their tailored programmes help with both physical and psychological challenges. The Centre helps people achieve their best possible recovery and either return to Service duty or make a smooth transition to civilian life.

Tracey says she feels truly honoured to have been asked to join 5 or 6 injured soldiers, along with a Labour MP John Mann and Liberal MP Greg Mulholland, to achieve the expeditions mountaineering objective of getting to the summit of Cotopaxi, an active volcano standing 5897m above sea level - that’s 2 meters higher than Kilimanjaro.

Tracey and the Team (pictured above from Left to right) including Greg Mulholland MP, Paul (Battle Backer,) Andy & Steph from corporate sponsors Coventry Building Society, Lyndon (Battle Backer), Doctor David, Dave (Leader), Luke (Battle Backer) and Richard (Leader) will set off on the 25th May 2014.

Please see Tracey's expedition updates as she prepares for the altitude, the walking, the climbing and the weather on the links below.




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