Pensioners Information and Advice Fair

 Throughout last year, Tracey hosted her first ever Pensioners Advice and Information Fairs across the constituency. Tracey invited all pensioners, their families, friends and carers in the local areas of Medway and Tonbridge & Malling to attend these free events which shared information and advice about the local services, support and activities available locally.

Climbing Cotopaxi

  Tracey is delighted to have been invited to take part in an expedition to climb Cotopaxi, a live volcano in Ecuador to support the work of the The Battle Back Centre Lilleshall, established by the Royal British Legion.

Perinatal Health

Tracey has been extremely busy recently campaigning to see improvements in stillbirth and infant death numbers as well as support and care for sick children who are born too sick, too small or too soon.

0844 Numbers

Tracey was contacted at the end of last year by Ditton resident Ron about the high cost he was incurring each month on his phone bill. Ron was a full time carer for his late wife and like many other elderly or vulnerable people made numerous phone calls to his GP surgery every month. After checking where the high call costs were coming from he realised it was his GP surgery was using an 0844 number.

Community Defibrillators

Tracey has embarked on a campaign to get defibrillators into the local community. Sudden Cardiac Arrest happens to people of all ages and survival rates across the UK vary from 2-12%. A Sudden Cardiac Arrest victim’s chance of survival increases significantly from around 5% to 75% if they receive good CPR combined with therapy delivered by a Heart Defibrillator within the first 3 minutes after a Cardiac Arrest.

Mental Health

Mental health conditions can still carry a lot of stigma and Tracey is keen to improve support for those suffering from all types of mental health issues. Tracey campaigns for improved collaboration of health and social care sectors, tackling stigma, improved signposting for services, improved access to services, early intervention, suicide prevention measures, improved prisoner mental health and support, criminal justice transition support and more joint up working. 

Improved Rail Services

Representing a constituency like Chatham & Aylesford in the commuter belt, Tracey has campaigned since being elected as your MP for a fairer deal for rail users. While the level of average fare increases are below those seen under the previous Government, Tracey is calling for the end of above inflation increases and for service improvements from Southeastern.

Social Care

The UK is currently in a care crisis and there are several issues within care that Tracey is campaigning on. The first among these is improving the quality of care. Unfortunately in recent years we have seen some awful examples of care exposed. Tracey wants to see improved regulation of social care providers as well as better training and pay for social care workers to improve job satisfaction, while ensuring we get the right people into the job. The second issue is social care funding. Tracey is in favour of the new cap that will be introduced in the Care Bill.

Carers Rights

Research carried out in 2012 found that carers are at breaking point. 47 per cent of unpaid carers said they were made ill by money worries.

Older People’s Issues

Tracey is an Older People’s Champion for Kent County Council and is an active campaigner for older people issues both locally and nationally. Older people are some of the most vulnerable people in society and Tracey believes it is important to ensure they receive the appropriate support.