Saturday, 6 February 2010

A big thank you!

This post is merely to say how amazing my team are and to thank them very much for all their hard work.

At the start of last week 60,000 letters and surveys were stuffed into envelopes, sorted into batches and dispatched to deliverers. By the end of the week 40,000 have been delivered across the whole of the constituency. Each branch had their own to patch to deliver and I picked up, with a few extra volunteers, a large chunk of Chatham and a bit of Snodland where our deliverer is unwell. The rest will be landing on doorsteps over the next few days.

None of this would have been possible without a team of volunteers giving up their days and nights to work very hard towards a Conservative victory at the next General Election.

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Bryan Rose Jnr said…

Awesome to hear. The Conservatives have to win the next General Election. They are the only Party that can save this Country. Another Labour term would do more damage than good. History always repeats itself. Labour ruin the Nation, and the Conservative fix it and restore the Nation back to prosperity.