Beat Bullying

Traditionally dealing with bullies has been the responsibility of schools but now many feel powerless because so much takes place beyond the gate. The impact can sometimes be tragic and sadly over 20 children commit suicide each year because of persistent bullying. The UK appears to do little to prevent this from happening and is far behind the US, Sweden, South Africa and New Zealand – all of whom have strict anti-bullying legislation. This is why Tracey has introduced an amendment to the Anti-Social Behaviour Bill currently progressing through Parliament. The amendment will provide Headteachers with another tool they can use to tackle bullying. The Bill re-categorises all types of Anti- Social Behaviour to a civil offence rather than a criminal one so Tracey has piggy-backed on this so that once and for all bullying can be highlight as unacceptable in a civilised society, without giving youngsters a criminal record and instead forcing them into behaviour changing courses. Bullying is not a victimless crime and can have devastating and long term consequences.  It is the duty of politicians to help look after the vulnerable and in this case our children deserve to be protected.