Friday, 9 April 2010

Back on the stump

After 3 days of meeting and greeting at Asda, Chatham train station, St Martin’s Square Larkfield and Snodland High Street followed by many resident calls and meetings, it was time to get back on the doorstep today – and the beautiful weather certainly gave the troops an extra spring in their step.

This morning we were in Larkfield where not only is the Cherry Blossom is out and the Magnolia Trees are beginning to bud but the reception was warm. One of the great things about talking to people on the doorstep is the variety of issues you get to discuss – chatting to residents in Larkfield issues ranged from immigration and pub closures through to MPs expenses (although I also had a very informative chat about when you should prune a Wisteria!).

After 2 hours in Larkfield we stopped for a bite to eat at Wealden Hall before heading off to meet Iain Dale who had come to help in Ditton. I got rid of all my posters but had a hilarious chat with a lady who was definitely going to vote Conservative but didn’t want to put a poster up because she “hoped the others knocked on her door so [she] could tell them what for” – having heard her views about the “others” I would love to be a fly on her wall when they coming knocking!!

After a short break to watch Iain do Sky News live from Aylesford bridge, we finished our days canvassing in Aylesford.

My feet hurt and my inbox is full but it was a good day.

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